1. Members must possess a valid Onoway Fish & Game (OFGA) membership card. Membership and guests cards must be displayed at all times when on range.
  2. NO alcohol or drugs allowed.
  3. All firing must be directed into the berm directly in front of the shooting station. 
  4. Any rifle or handgun shooting above backstop will result in loss of range membership. SAFETY FIRST. There are residences east of the range.
  5. Firearms must NOT be handled when shooters are down range. The cease fire line will be observed by ALL shooters when persons go down range.
  6. All firing must cease when train is approaching or people walking on tracks or ATV's on tracks. First person to identify such activity must immediately announce "Cease Fire".
  7. Firing from a standing position at the 50yd range (any Calibre) must  be done under the direct supervision of a club appointed RSO.
  8. All Center Fire Rifles AND pistols using rifle cartridges must use the sound abatement barrier on the 100yd Range. (The use of the bullet trap at the 50yd Range must be used when under the sound abatement barrier. The use of 338 Lupa Mag is prohibited with bullet trap.
  9. Targets
    1. Target stands must not be moved. They must stay within 3ft of the berm.
    2. Only club supplied Metal Reactive targets are allowed on range.
  10. Uncontrolled rapid fire/ full automatic fire prohibited on range.
  11. All firearms and accessories must  comply with the Canadian Firearms Act.
  12. All Firearms must have the chamber open and empty and the cylinder and/or magazine empty when the firearm is unattended and not in use.
    1. Long guns stored unloaded with their actions open and visible; in the racks provided; or stored in a closed case.
    2. Handguns stored unloaded with their actions open and visible; in a closed case; or they may be stored in a holster.
  13. If there are two or more shooters, a Range Safety Officer must be appointed to supervise the shooting. If an OFGA club authorized Range Safety Officer is present, he/she will take control of the range. 
  14. Shooters must ask for an "All Clear" before going down range to post or check targets. (Raise Green Flag
  15. Range Hours 
    1. Monday to Saturday - 9 a.m. to the earlier of 8 pm or sunset.
    2. Sunday 11 am to the earlier of 8 pm or sunset.
  16. Firearms must be pointed down range at all times.
  17. No .50 calibre center fire allowed on the range.
  18. Vehicles must be in the parking lot. Gate must be locked after entering or leaving.
  19. RAISE FLAG WHEN RANGE IS IN USE. Members and guests to sign in (sign in book located on the deck of the Education Centre entrance).
  20. Members are allowed a maximum of two guests per membership. Guests must pay $15 per visit per guest. Guests are not allowed on range without the signed in OFGA member present.
  21. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and adherence to the rules.
  22. Members are responsible at all times for firearms & equipment brought to the range by members and guests.
  23. Guests must read & sign waiver form, place form and payment in filed out envelope and deposit into the metal box prior to commencing on the range.
  24. Members under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a holder of an Onoway Fish & Game Club gun range permit. Children must be directly supervised at all times.
  25. No firearms beyond firing line. (Exception - Holstered Unloaded Pistols). No horizontal or cross-draw holsters allowed on range.
  26. SHOOT ONLY at paper targets fastened to center of the backstops or club supplied metal targets.
  27. Pick up brass & place in brass bin containers provided. Shotgun hulls placed in garbage cans.
  28. No littering - place garbage in garbage containers provided. Beverage containers in recycling containers.
  29. Ear plugs and eyewear are required. Onoway Fish & Game and Gun Club assume no responsibility for any injury.
  30. Member & Guest are expected to follow rules of common sense as applies to safety on the range even if a specific item is not explicitly covered in the rules.

Refer to OFGA Disciplinary Action Chart for infraction consequences.