Range information and rules

Our membership is open to any individual or family that holds to the same objectives as our mission statement and whose expressed aims are the renewal of our fish, wildlife and natural resources and their conservation and management for the future. Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month (with the exception of July & August) starting at 7:00 pm Membership with Onoway Fish & Game is always open.


The range is located approximately 1 km north of Township Road 544 on Range Road 15.
North of the train tracks.

Gun range

Onoway Fish & Game Gun Range is a very popular Gun Range in the Edmonton and outlying area. We offer first priority to current members of the Gun Range and open the opportunity to new membership in approximately mid October for the following year. We cap the membership of the gun range at 400 members. Telephone and email inquiries without application will NOT be considered.

Please check back in October 2024 for 2025 gun range memberships.

Gun range rules

The OFGA Gun Range meets or exceeds provincial inspection standards and each member must attend a Range Safety Briefing each year prior to access to the Gun Range. Our rules are posted below and on our range for your convinience.

Gun range rules

  1. Range Hours – Monday to Saturday – 9 am to the earlier of 8 pm or sunset. Sunday 11 am to the earlier of 8 pm or sunset.
  2. On arrival, RAISE red flag in parking lot to indicate range is in use.
  3. NO alcohol or drugs allowed.
  4. Members and guests to sign in (sign in book located in the cabinet on the deck of the Education Centre).
  5. Members must possess a valid Onoway Fish & Game (OFGA) membership card. Membership and guests’ cards must always be displayed when on the range.
  6. All firearms and accessories must comply with the Canadian Firearms Act.
  7. Ear protection and eyewear must be worn on the range when the lights are red.
  8. Absolutely NEVER cross the firing line on a red light for any reason.
  9. Member & Guest are expected to follow rules of common sense as applies to safety on the range even if a specific item is not explicitly covered in the rules.
  10. Members may not bring guests and youth on the same visit without prior consent of the executive at least 24 hours prior to the visit.
  11. Members must stay within 1 meter of any guests or youth that are using any firearm.
  12. Only members may move a firearm on the range. This includes packing and unpacking firearms.
  13. Members with guests or youth are restricted to one shooting station only so that proper supervision can be maintained and simultaneous shooting is prevented.
  14. Members are allowed a maximum of two guests per membership. Guests must pay $15 per visit per guest. Guests are not allowed on the range without the signed in OFGA member present.
  15. Guests must read & sign waiver form, place form and payment in filled out envelope and deposit into the silver metal box, beside the sign in desk, prior to commencing on to the range.
  16. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and adherence to the rules.
  17. Members are responsible for firearms & equipment brought to the range by members and guests.
  18. If there are two or more members shooting, a Range Safety Officer must be appointed to supervise the shooting. If an OFGA club authorized Range Safety Officer is present, he/she will take control of the range.
  19. No .50 calibre center fire allowed on the range.
  20. Members may not bring any reactive targets to the range with out prior approval from the executive.
  21. Shoot only at paper targets fastened to center of the backstops or club supplied metal targets.
  22. All firing must be directed into the berm directly in front of your shooting station. Match the lane number to the table number.
  23. Any rifle or handgun shooting above backstop will result in loss of range membership. SAFETY FIRST. There are residences down range.
  24. Shotguns may only be used on the trap range. Exception, on the patterning rack with a club appointed RSO present
  25. Shooters must ask for an “All Clear” before going down range to post or check targets. (Switch lights to green)
  26. Firearms must NOT be handled when a “Cease Fire” has been called or the green light is on. This includes packing or unpacking firearms. All firing must cease when train is approaching, or people are walking on the tracks or ATV’s on tracks. First person to identify such activity must immediately announce “Cease Fire”.
  27. All Firearms must have the chamber open and empty and the cylinder and/or magazine empty when the firearm is unattended and not in use.
    a. Long guns on table unloaded, with action open during cease fire. Racked or cased when not in use. Remember only members can move a firearm on the range.
    b. Unloaded handguns may be stored, with their actions open and visible on your shooting table, in a closed case or a holster
  28. No firearms beyond firing line. (Exception – Holstered Unloaded Pistols).
  29. No horizontal or cross-draw holsters allowed on range.
  30. Firearms must always be pointed down range.
  31. Uncontrolled rapid fire/ full automatic fire prohibited on range.
  32. Barrel limiters must be used on all 50 and 100 yard lanes. (exception prone lane).
  33. No littering – place garbage in garbage containers provided. Beverage containers in recycling containers. Pick up brass & place in brass bin containers provided. Shotgun hulls placed in garbage cans.
  34. Members under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a holder of an Onoway Fish & Game Club gun range permit. Children must always be directly supervised (within arms length).
  35. Vehicles must be in the parking lot. Gate must be locked after entering or leaving.
  36. Please do not use calibres that damage the metal gongs. Use those calibres on the mats only.Onoway Fish and Game Association and Gun Club accepts no responsibility for any injury.

Archery range

Our archery range is always well maintained and offers six shooting lanes with seven fixed targets set at 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. We also have two large foam targets for kids to shoot at , two Cross bow targets and a small variety of 3D targets that can be setup throughout the range. Crossbows are permitted on the range. However, we ask that only the crossbow targets be used for that purpose. As well only target points are permitted on the archery range at all times. Our shooting station is sheltered and has ample hooks to hang up you bow when resting or in between shots. We also have a small variety of recurved bows and arrows for members who are just starting and want to try the sport before purchasing their own equipment.

Archery range rules

Archery range rules

  1. Members must possess a valid Onoway Fish & Game membership card. Membership and Guest cards must be displayed at all times when on the range.
  2. No alcohol or drugs permitted.
  3. No firearms permitted on the archery range.
  4. Crossbows with a maximum speed of 450 feet/second or lower are permitted on the archery range, using the designated crossbow targets only.
  5. No hunting permitted.
  6. All firing must be directed at the target directly in front of the shooting station you are using.
  7. Any arrows shot off the range will result in a loss of range membership for life. Safety first!
  8. Bows must NOT be handled when people are downrange.
  9. Bows are to be left at the shooting station when shooters are downrange.
  10. No dry firing.
  11. Only nock an arrow when standing at the firing line in your shooting station.
  12. No running on the range.
  13. No “Broadhead” style tips are permitted.
  14. If there are two or more shooters are present, a Range Safety Officer must be appointed to supervise the shooting.
  15. Every shooter must fire their bow from the same firing line if there are more than one shooter.
  16. Shooters must ask for an all clear before going downrange to post or check targets.
  17. Range hours 30 minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes before sunset.
  18. Drawn bows must be pointed down range without exception.
  19. Vehicles must be in the parking lot. The gate must be locked after entering or leaving.
  20. Raise the red flag at the entrance when using the range.
  21. Members and Guests must sign in. Sign in book is located in table in front of the Education Center.
  22. New members are prohibited from hosting guests until they have logged two successful visits to the range. Violating will result in immediate termination of membership.
  23. Permitted members may host up to two (2) guests. Guests must pay $15.00 Guest Fee.
  24. Guests are not permitted on the range without an active OFGA Member present.
  25. Members are responsible for the behavior and compliance with the rules for their guests at all times.
  26. Guests must read & sign a waiver form, place the form and payment in a filled-out envelope and deposit in the metal box prior to commencing the range.
  27. Members are responsible for all equipment brought to the range.
  28. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a holder of an Onoway Fish and Game & Gun Club membership. Children must be directly supervised at all times.
  29. No littering. Place all waste in provided containers.
  30. Any bow maintenance or adjustment will be done on the provided table behind the shooting stations.

Clay target thrower

Treat this launcher with the same caution that you would treat a loaded gun. This machine is easily capable of removing appendages and shattering bone.

Using the machine:

  1. Ensure you are behind the machine
  2. Ensure the toggle switch on the rear of the machine is in the center (OFF) position
  3. Connect the red cable connector to the positive (+) terminal and the black cable connector to the negative (-) terminal.
  4. When disarmed, the throwing arm should be at the 9 o’clock position.
  5. Gently pull the throwing arm counterclockwise until the irises close.
  6. Important! Place a clay onto the casting plate beneath the hopper and close to the back rail. This is to avoid ‘Dry Firing’ which can lead to broken clays in the hopper due to excessive recoil.
  7. Load the hopper with clays.
  8. Push the toggle switch at the rear of the machine down to the (ON) position. The machine will move automatically and arm itself ready to launch a clay.
  9. Depress the foot switch to throw a clay.
  10. The machine will automatically rearm itself after each clay thrown, until disarmed and turned off.
  11. Simply turning off the machine does not make it safe—always disarm after use, before reloading or moving it.
  12. When you’re done, please clean up any broken targets in the vicinity of the machine, disarm the machine, disconnect the battery, and replace the cover.

Disarming Procedure:

  1. Push the toggle switch on the rear of the machine upwards to the (DISARM) position and hold only long enough for the trap to fire then release before the trap can rearm.
  2. Disconnect the battery.

Clay target thrower rules & instructions

Clay target thrower instructions

  • ALWAYS disarm the machine before any loading, adjustment, or maintenance.
  • ALWAYS load clays from the rear and ONLY if the machine is disarmed and safe.
  • NEVER approach the machine from the front or sides. ALWAYS from the rear.
  • NEVER allow children or untrained persons to approach or touch the machine.
  • If the machine is broken or malfunctioning, DO NOT attempt to adjust or “fix” it. Send us an email or drop a note in the silver box to let us know

Onoway Fish and Game Association and Gun Club accepts no responsibility for any injury.